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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

■Personal Information Protection Policy
The Aoikai Group has established the following personal information protection policy and makes every effort to ensure its implementation.

1. Collection of personal information

The Group collects personal information of patients/users/job seekers, etc., only for the purposes related to medical treatment, nursing, recruitment, and medical care. In case of necessity to use personal information for any other purpose, we will inform you of the purpose of use in advance and implement it only after obtaining your consent. The same applies if personal information from the website is necessary.

2. Usage and provision of personal information

The Group will not use personal information of patients/users/job seekers, etc. beyond the original purpose of use except in the following cases.

* In case of receiving consent of patients/users/job seekers, etc.

* When processing (*1) was applied to the original data so that individuals cannot be identified or specified

* We will not provide personal data to any third parties(*2) without the consent of the patients/users/job seekers, etc., unless it is required to do so by law or ordinance.

(*1) "Processing" means not simple erasure of individuals' names, etc. but actual complex usage of the anonymizing tools so that it is impossible to identify the original information in any way

(*2) "The third parties" refers to an organization or individual other than the information subject and the recipient (business entity) that does not correspond to the original purpose of use, or that does not have the consent of the use of the personal information from the information subject.

3. Measures for proper management of personal information

The Group strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date personal information of patients/users/job seekers, etc., and prevent leakage, loss, falsification of personal information or unauthorized access to personal information of patients.

4. Requests for disclosure and correction of personal information

When we are requested to disclose personal information of patients/users/job seekers, etc., the Group will confirm the contents without delay and respond in accordance with  "Guidelines for providing patient information" of its hospitals. In addition, if correction is requested due to original data being incorrect, we will investigate and respond appropriately.

5. Contact information

Questions about each facility's privacy policy or inquiries for personal information* of patients/users/job seekers, etc. can be asked through direct contact to each facility office or Tokyo headquarters.

*Since we comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, inquires by phone or through office that contain personal Information disclosure request cannot be responded unless required by law or ordinance as specified above.

6. Compliance with laws and regulations and improvement of the personal information protection system

In addition to complying with Japanese laws and other norms regarding the protection of personal information, the Group reviews each of the above items in accordance with the laws and works continuously to improve the personal information protection system.

This policy handles not only information about the patients/users/job seekers, etc., but also personal information related to the staff of our group and our hospitals under the same policy as above.

The Group handles personal information of patients/users/job seekers, etc. with a thorough system. If you have any concerns, please contact office in charge.